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Ypseli: Anafi`s Hive. A flavor that one discovers when opening a hive, a flavor that is grounded to Anafi and which can be rightfully called… Anafi`s Hive!

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The Name

The common name for hive as used by inhabitants of the Aegean Sea.

The name of a tiny creation that symbolizes the progress, effort, cooperation, coordination and production of an invaluable nutritious ingredient, which is also one of nature’s sweetest flavors.

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Accommodation The inspiration

We drew our inspiration from the organic shapes present in ceramic hives, wise creations of local potters.

We took our architectural footsteps in the famous
“katikies” of Anafi, the farmhouses of Anafians, who are also famous builders in the Aegean.

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/09Queen Bee

2 – 4 Persons 65 sq.m


2 – 3 Persons 50 sq.m


2 - 3 Persons 40 sq.m


2 - 3 Persons 50 sq.m


2 Persons 32 sq.m


2 Persons 55 sq.m


2 Persons 32 sq.m


2 Persons 25 sq.m


2 Persons 23 sq.m

The anhydrous vegetables capture the flavor of the Aegean, the wild greens create a harmonious symphony in a unique pie, famous dairy products and the distinct produce will all become the ideal breakfast.


Swimming Pool

Facilities & Services

Enjoy the sun, the magic of water and the feeling of summer by Ypseli’s poolside.

A beautiful pool facing south with an amazing view that lets you take part in the eons old game played between the
Cycladic sun and the element of water.

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